Mike Bloomberg Campaign Office Opens In Penndel

Alex Lloyd Gross – Photo- Delaware Valley News.com Volunteers unpack boxes and set up the office in Penndel

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Mike Bloomberg is running for President . He is a democrat and has pledged to spend at least $2 billion to defeat Donald Trump. He wants to the the democratic nominee but if he is not, he has pledged his support for who ever is.  Part of his strategy is to open up regional campaign offices, where paid staff and volunteers can work to promote him.  In Penndel, Bucks County,  his campaign just opened an office in a shopping center on Bellevue Avenue.

Today, February 22, 2020 was the day it opened.  Tim O’Brien his Senior National Advisor  showed up to say hello. He was then going to board a large tour bus that was parked outside, where the bus would take him and staffers to other offices in Ardmore,  Media, West Chester, because  they were opening up offices in those areas as well.  Today’s event in Penndel was the first scheduled stop on this bus tour and it was running late. By 8:30 AM, people were already inside the small store , putting posters on walls and unpacking literature.  On a back table sat about 200 T-shirts. Free.

“The fact that people showed up before we were open is not lost on us, ”  O’Brien said.  The point his staffers made to the volunteers was to get out into the community. Bloomberg got taken apart in the last debate, over sexual harassment NDA’s . “Those were done by employees ,  most of that,  a good part of it , happened when he was Mayor of New York and not affiliate with his company,” said O’Brien. He further stated that “Because he was not directly involved in the harassment, he is  not permitted to nullify them, under law,”

Local people talking to their neighbors,  is how Bloomberg’s team hopes to be successful. It is only February and regional offices are being opened in towns across America. “This does not happen until July, usually” O’Brien said.  Bloomberg  said in the past that he supports raising the minimum wage.  Trump is opposed to it. Bloomberg is about  lowering healthcare costs. Trump sued O’Brien and lost, appealed it and lost again, according to O’Brien.He was sued when he revealed in a book how Trump fudged his net worth among other things.

Alex Lloyd Gross -Photo- Delaware Valley News.com Tim O’Brien speaks to supporters.

Outside the store was a bus that had it’s own security detail.  Bloomberg has several buses and some of them have been vandalized. His  stance on gun ownership has set off people.  Making comments about people being “stupid” for wanting to carry is not going to win him any popularity contests  in America, especially in Pennsylvania  and Wisconsin, which are battleground states. Trump has vowed to not touch the second amendment. Bloomberg’s supporters have said he does not want to infringe on it either, but he wants to make it harder for criminals and unstable people to get firearms.

The bus rolls throughout the Delaware Valley today, and then onto New England, where Michael Douglas (President Andrew Shepard in The American President) will join the campaign and knock on doors.