Local Contractor Wants To Disinfect Regions Emergency Vehicles FREE


by Alex Lloyd Gross

Emergency Responders on the front lines of COVID-19 pandemic are taking risks every day.  They transport people that are sick,  they are around infected people and then they do it again. It is not a situation that anyone wants to be in.  A local contractor, National Restoration has started a project to clean these vehicles for free. http://disinfectforcoronavirus.com/. is the website for National Restoration. The owner, John Marroni,   said that he wants to give back to the community.

“i have been working with these guys,  ( first responders) for my whole career and this is how you give back,” he said.  He is not going to send his crews all over the area for this  and this alone. “People , organizations, like police departments, ambulance squads, fire companies, can email me at in**@fi************.com">in**@fi************.com.


“If I have a crew working  reasonably  close to where they are located, i can send my guys over and we will clean the trucks, for free, no questions asked, he said’.  He was recently in North Jersey and an ambulance chief found out about his service . After work, he sent his crew over and in a little while the ambulances were sprayed with disinfectant. “He called me a life saver, ” Marroni said.

The disinfectant is just that.  It disinfects the surface that it comes in contact with. The surface must be cleaned, then sprayed. It sits for a bit and then it is wiped down.  When anything is cleaned, it is cleaned until the first person uses it , then it must be cleaned again.  He started this program last week and he specializes in the South Jersey region. However, he is looking to come into the lower Bucks County and northeast Philadelphia area more often than he does now, with an office opening  this year in the area. .

His crews that are dispatched must wear proper protective equipment, including face shields and chemical suits.  The chemical that is used is safe to be taken home. So if a firefighter gets it on his hands and clothes, at home his pet dog and cat will not get sick from it. It will not be children sick. “I use it as a strong hand sanitizer”, Marroni said.

He will clean a fire station, or police station including holding cells, for a fee. The vehicles are done for free, all of them. All of them are cleaned, even if you do not have him clean the facility. Free cleaning are limited to Police,  EMS and Fire vehicles, incl;ding personal vehicles used by Fire Police, only.