Bucks County and Twp. Parks Close Due To Social Distancing Concerns

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo Delaware Valley News.com High touch attractions are closed

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Across the nation,people are supposed to be engaged in social distancing. That means staying away from other people.  It is working to an extent, however, many people who ignored that in Bucks County  have forced the closure of county parks.  It was perfectly fine to venture outside with family for a quiet walk in the park. Some people took that to mean they could meet up with friends and play sports or go on cookouts.

With the weather turning warmer, people will be inclined to go outside to engage friends and neighbors in sports.  When a few people go to the park, it is one thing, when hundreds go, it is another.  In South Philadelphia at least two dozen people were spotted playing soccer at FDR Park.  This activity will lead to all city parks and rec centers being shut down.

In school yards ,  and county playgrounds, high touch attractions, like swings and jungle gyms have been cordoned off, The  closure is expected to last well into the summer or late spring. at the very latest.  The people who insist on getting together with friends and other people not part of their immediate family run the risk of infecting others. They may not be infected and be showing any symptoms of COVID-19.