New Falls Road Bridge is Now Closed

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Construction will totally close the bridge this week.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Due to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Expansion project, the Bridge on New Falls Road, in Bristol Twp. is closed to all traffic starting this week.  Local traffic can access up to Nebraska Street if you are coming from Newportville Road.

Posted detours  are in effect.  Take Zimmerman Lane to get around . A traffic light has been installed at Zimmerman and New Falls Road.  Ford Road can avoid this but may be congested at times.   This construction will include enhanced truck turning onto Nebraska Street and  the entire project is expected to last about a year. If you are driving an 18 wheeler, follow all posted detours.


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1 thought on “New Falls Road Bridge is Now Closed

  1. Alex Lloyd Gross. I’ve read a few of your arrivals recently and want to commend you on your style. Well researched news stories. Unbiased news reporting seems to be a lost art these days, as is the effort to get it right the first time. The profession could learn much from you. You are now the guy keeping me informed about local happenings. Thank you.

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