Convicted Felon Tries To Blow Up ATM Gets Arrested

Phila Police

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A convicted felon cannot have a gun.  That did not stop David Elmakayes, 24, of Philadelphia. During the riots for Geroge Floyd and Black Lives Matter , on June 3 2020,  Elmakayes was allegedly in possession of a pistol when he tried to blow up an ATM machine with explosives, police said. That ATM machine located at 217 East Westmoreland St.  sustained major damage from the explosion.

Police stopped  Elmakayes a short distance from where the ATM was blown up.  He is facing  both state and federal charges for this incident.  The US Attorney will file a motion to hold him in detention until trial.” Blowing up an ATM and illegal firearms possession are not acts of protest against perceived injustice. They are federal felonies and will be treated as such,” said U.S. Attorney McSwain. “As alleged, Elmakayes tried to take advantage of the unrest in Philadelphia to get away with a violent crime. Now he will face the consequences.”

If convicted,  he will face a minimum 15 years in prison and $500,000 fine.