Stop and Save Looters Caught On Camera

Phila Police

by Alex Lloyd Gross

June 1 2020,  many small businesses were decimated by thieves and looters who tried to take advantage of civil unrest in the city. The Stop and Save Check Cashing shop at 2933 n 22nd Street is an example of one of those businesses.  You could drive by there 500 times and not even realize it is there. Unless you live or work in the area.  Workers cash their paychecks, or get  money from the ATM. Now they can’t.

That cannot happen because someone carted away the ATM machine.  Watch the video. Again,  many people committing felonies with out wearing masks . They force open a security grate and then a black female starts to kick at the glass, trying to make a hole bigger, some more thieves and looters can enter easier. It did not work and she walks away.

Some people have distinctive tattoos.  Check out the video and see  if you know anyone.  If you do, there is an anonymous tip line to call and you could get  a reward.