Battleship New Jersey Undergoes Free Disinfectant Cleaning

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo-Delaware Valley

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The coronavirus is not gone.  It may or may not be subsiding, depending on where you live. As people push to get back to any sense of what was normal, they do it  with some trepidation.  The question in the back of peoples minds is “Is it safe?”  From going to the barber to going to visit an attraction, people want to be safe while doing it.  In Camden New Jersey, The Battleship New Jersey is a great tourist attraction.  After today, July 1 2020, it is even safer than what it was before.


All public areas of the ship underwent a disinfection and deep cleaning. That was done for free from National Restoration Inc.  “We will use about 60 gallons of cleaner” said  owner John Marroni, .  Spray guns were used to clean larger areas while hand cleaners were used in tighter quarters, like hallways and stairwells.  The chemical used is safe to come in contact with.  According to Marroni, the  surface is clean for about 30 days if left undisturbed.  Less if  it is a high traffic area.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo-Delaware Valley John Marroni gets his crew situated inside the ship.

All over this attraction, signage is  there to remind guests to wear a mask. All guest must undergo a temperature check. They must also pass a quick travel questionnaire to see if they can enter the ship.  Marroni and his crew were on scene for several hours working. They brought four trucks with them to carry supplies.   National offers do it yourself cleaning which you can read about here. for businesses.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo-Delaware valley The battleship dwarf’s the trucks detailed to clean it.

They are also available to do this cleaning for first houses and first responders. That is something Marroni likes to do. It’s not about the money it is about giving back to the community, which is why they continue to offer this service free to firehouses.


The Battleship New Jersey is a non profit entity. To do what he did would cost $20,000 but it was done for free.  Currently, guests can only see and visit the outside of the ship. When Governor Phil Murphy changes his order, the inside will be open to the public and it will be clean.