Philadelphia Mills Mall Now Open

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley

by Alex Lloyd Gross

After several months of being closed, the Philadelphia Mills Mall ( formerly Franklin Mills) is open for business.  Just after 12 noon on July 3 2020, the mall was busy but not as busy as usual. First, they are limiting capacity. Second, people are  not comfortable going out yet. There is a spike in coronavirus cases and many are cautious about contact with strangers.

It was mid March when police showed up at the mall and closed it down due to the virus.  Cell phone stores, clothing stores, and many other stores were closed.  As the region went to a modified green phase, some of the stores have not opened back up, inside the mall. It is unknown if they will open in the future or not.  Some of the larger stores inside the mall have their own entry way. They have closed access from the mall and that allows them to better control the amount of people that are in their store at any given time.

If you go to this mall, masks are required. Security is at the door handing out masks.  Masks must be worn correctly, covering your mouth and nose, not worn on your chin or on your head. Failure to wear a mask correctly, will result in ejection from the mall .