Home Gun Check Program in Philly This Weekend

By Alex Lloyd Gross

This weekend, a program where people can turn in unwanted guns is coming to Philadelphia.  This is not a gun buy back program.  Those rarely net anything except older, non working or BB guns They cost money that many think can be better spent on community programs. This program is aimed at getting those kinds of guns , and any other gun out of your home, if you do not want it .  Perhaps a relative no longer living at your house had a firearm and you are not comfortable  with it. This is the program you have been waiting for.

People may have an older firearm that they know about, but are not sure how to discard. This gun may be in working condition or not. You are urged to turn them in. There are two locations in the city to do that. No questions will be asked.  Those locations are : Saturday Aug. 15 2020 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM

The Jane Memorial United Methodist Church 47 Haines Street Phila PA  and at the Tasker Street Missionary Baptist Church 2010 Tasker Street Philadelphia.