Out Of Control Pick-Up Causes Multi Vehicle Crash In Levittown

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo-Delaware Valley News.com The crash scene on New Falls Road

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A pick-up truck operated at high speed is responsible for causing a multi-vehicle accident today,  September 24, 2020. The crash happened on the 4500 block of New Falls Road, in Middletown Township.  Police said that shortly after 8:00 AM, the truck truck another vehicle which then hit a Comcast truck, causing it to flip onto it’;s side.  There were no serious injuries reported at the scene. The center line in the highway divides Middletown and Bristol Twp.  Two vehicle crash and wound up on the Bristol Twp. side.


No one was trapped in the truck, in fact the driver, identified as Alex Rodriguez was walking around the scene. The pick-up that caused the crash  then veered into a parking lot where it struck several parked vehicles.   One person was transported from the scene to a local hospital. police said it was too early to tell why the driver of the pick-up went out on control.  Charges may come later, when the investigation is completed.  New Falls Road was open by 9:30 AM.


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1 thought on “Out Of Control Pick-Up Causes Multi Vehicle Crash In Levittown

  1. Living besides New Falls Road I can certainly say the I speak for all of us that we are fed up with these idiots who drive over the speed limit in their cars and motorcycles thinking they are cool making noise when they don’t realize how many people we see caught in speed traps along PA’s highest ticketed road. Or even worse.. Watching the police and paramedics scrape their lifeless remains off the blacktop after their crotch rocket goes out of control. It’s so much better in the Winter when you don’t have to deal with these boneheads for a while. Go some where else and show off how stupid you are.. If you survive.

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