Elderly Woman Gets Flim-Flammed At Southampton ACME

by Alex Lloyd Gross

It is a ruse that is too common.  In fact it is so common that when it is used on people, they do not realize they have been robbed until it is too late.  On September 17 2020, an elderly woman was shopping at the ACME store in Lower Southampton,  when a black female wearing a mask approached her and seemed confused about tomato sauce. As the woman thought she was helping  a fellow shopper, her accomplice was going through her purse, taking her wallet.


When the wallet was successfully gone, the conversation stops and the two scammers leave the store. As they are distracted,  by an inquisitive talker, the victim thinks they are providing help.

If you are able to identify these subjects please contact Detective Stephen Brookes at 215-357-1235 ext 339