Biden to Hold Closed Rally In Bristol Twp.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo-Delaware Valley Joe Biden at the College in 2016.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The stage is being set.  Joe Biden, the man that in less than two weeks has a 50/50 shot of being elected to be President Of The United States will be holding a rally at the Bucks County Community College, off of 413.. It will happen tomorrow , Saturday Oct 24, 2020 and he is scheduled to speak about 11:45 AM. The stage is set up behind the school. Out of view of anyone.

Don’t make plans . You cannot attend. It is a closed event.  Due to COVID-19 everything is socially distanced and only a handful of people will be there. They will be in their vehicles.  In 2016 He paid a visit when he was the Vice President and that was open to the public.  After the rally, Uncle Joe walked to the front of the line and shook hands.   The campaign refused to confirm,  if Jill Biden will be there. Bucks County is a battleground area.  Many undecided voters are in this area.

President Donald Trump will make an appearance in Upper Bucks County next week.

This rally, those in the front will be lucky if he points at them.   Expect the area to be closed off to the public until mid afternoon, as the stage and things will be disassembled and removed.