Not So Secret Joe Biden Event In Bristol Draws Large Crowds

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo-Delaware Valley pool / Vice President Joe Biden looks out over the crowd.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Vice President Joe Biden  was in Bristol Township today, October 24, 2020. He held an outdoor Drive-In rally in the back parking lot of the Bucks County Community College.  It was hidden from public view.  It was by invitation only and  if you did not have an invitation , there was almost no way to sneak in.  Cars snaked from the parking lot onto busy Veterans Highway , from about 8:00 AM, waiting for the United States Secret Service to inspect those vehicles for hidden weapons and explosives. Once cleared, the cars were directed by volunteers to park in every other spot.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Pool Pumpkins decorations at the podium, with fall colors on the trees make a nice photo as Vice President Biden speaks in Bristol.


Most of the attendees had no view of Biden in person. They had to watch him on one of any number of screens that were set up.   There were five portable toilets available for public use towards the back of the event.  By about 10:15 AM, as cars were still coming in, those already there were welcomed by John Cordisco, Chairman of the Bucks  County Democratic Party.   Local State House Rep Tina Davis gave brief remarks, telling the crowd that Joe Biden called her ailing relative overseas. She is also running for reelection.


Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo-Delaware Valley Expanded pool    Congressional candidate Christina Finello meets voters in the parking lot.

Patrick Murphy,  and Christina Finello gave remarks. In fact Finello went visiting attendees by their cars. She was taking socially distant selfies.  and talking up her campaign for congress in the first Congressional District.




Before long, Joe Biden, accompanied by his wife Jill  made their way to the stage.  Jill spoke, then introduced Tara Huber, Neshaminy Federation of Teachers President..  While she is important , the crowd was there to see and hear Joe.Biden. He took the podium at 11:38 AM, and removed his face mask.  ” I wish I could go car to car to meet you all. I don’t like the idea of all this distance, but it is necessary,” he said.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo-Delaware Valley pool- Vice President Joe Biden shows who he his voting for.


Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo-Delaware Valley /Expanded pool potential voters and Biden supports hold signs during his remarks.

Biden spoke to the crowd of people that pretty much stayed by their vehicles. Car horns honked when important points were touched upon. “I am not going to raise your taxes, nobody here will have their taxes raised, I am raising taxes on those that make over $400 thousand per year,” Biden said. He pretty much kept to his points, reading from a teleprompter that was in front of the stage. “I am not going to shut the country down, I am going to shut the ( Corona) virus  down,  I mean, I believe we can walk and chew gum at the same time,” he said.

He also reiterated his promise to enhance the Affordable Care Act.   Biden was speaking to a friendly crowd. 130 cars were present. Each vehicle could have four people in them.  Secret Service Agents  watched the cars and the crowd, to insure no one  did anything stupid.  The entire rally was pretty much kept of the view from the general public. In fact, most media outlets were not credentialed for this event.  The stage was behind the building.  That did not stop several hundred Biden supporters from coming out, hoping to catch a glimpse of their candidate. They were kept in the parking lot.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo-Delaware Valley Pool – Vice President Joe Biden makes his remarks.
Alex Lloyd Gross-Photo-Delaware Valley Expanded Pool Trump protesters show up and were kept in the parking lot.



Also in the parking lot were several hundred Trump supporters.  At times, a low din of noise from the protesters could be heard by Biden. “When I’m President, I will represent those people, too. I’ll represent the red states. That what a president does” ,Biden said.


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9 thoughts on “Not So Secret Joe Biden Event In Bristol Draws Large Crowds

  1. trump supporters protesting with no masks. Spreaders of a deadly virus. Selfish, with no shame, no common sense, no empathy for anyone.

  2. Wow! So much bigger than the Trump car parade from Newtown to Doylestown last last week that I didn’t see reported in the Delaware Valley News last week. Journalism 101 grade: F.

    1. But did you see the Trump rally in Bensalem that we reported on? Not everything is covered. In fact, there have been multiple Trump events that we did cover, including a Back The Blue event with Vice President Mike Pence. That was in July. I guess you missed those articles.

    2. Hi Alex –

      I apologize for my sarcastic criticism comparing the Biden appearance with the Trump parade.

      You do in fact cover many things that the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Daily Intelligencer, Delaware Valley Advance, and Bucks County Courier Times miss or ignore. You were also the only editor, out of a dozen to whom I sent emails, about the Trump parade, and lack of coverage of that event, who gave me an honest answer. Revised grade A.

      Sincerely – Jim B.

  3. I was at the Biden event, I was energized and uplifted by both Jill and Joe Biden’s speeches. In the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, the Biden campaign are rightfully being careful to not have their events become super spreaders, so yes I have a mask on and stayed close to my car. I could see them and hear their speeches but did rely on the giant Movie Screens for a closer view. I was excited to be there and today I made phone calls for the campaigns. And I have to ask as we approach the Winter and the health care experts predict that this Pandemic will get worse, who do you want as President that will have a comprehensive federal plan to mitigate the effects from this Pandemic? I vote for Joe Biden, a man that will listen to the scientists and help get us out of this mess left from a lack of federal action by the current inept, incompetent administration.

  4. Im sorry but where are the photos of the “large crowds” ? Four of the seven photographs are of Joe Biden standing behind a lectern and not one photo of a “large crowd”.
    You state that there were 130 vehicles and that they could have had 4 people in them, if you are unsure of how many were in the cars i believe its to be misleading to say there was a “large crowd”.
    Even if there were 4 per vehicle it would equate to just over 500 people, which in my opinion is not a large crowd. Its more probable that the average was 2 people per car which would make it about 260 people…
    I have no problem with the article or the photos itself but just the headline.

    In addition to this you quoted biden as saying “when im president ill represent those people too” (trump supporters in the parking lot). But you did not mention that he first called the trump supporters “chumps”. I do believe this was comment from Biden was worthy enough to report on in your article.

      1. Sorry Alex but what other photos? The last photo you have on this article is of trump supporters.
        If there are other photos that support the headline of your article you should include them i believe.

        thank you for replying

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