Male Wanted For Raping 14 year Old Girl On Frankford Avenue

by Alex Lloyd Gross

One of the first things you were taught as a child is not to talk with strangers and not to get into cars with strangers.  This is why.  On November 10, 2020,  a 14 year old girl left her house and was walking to a nearby Sunoco station. When she got there, an unknown man engaged her in conversation and told her that she could get a ride with him to her aunt’s house. The two left the station. It was 1:30 AM.

The male led her to the 3100 block of Frannkford Avenue where he told her to sit in his car.  He then sexually assaulted the female.  There is no description of the car but there is security camera footage of the suspect which you can see below.  If you have any information as to who this male is, police want to hear from you.