Socially Distanced Santa Visit Takes Place In Bristol Township

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Santa takes a break in between vehicles to pose.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Santa usually arrives in Bristol Township, Bucks County Pa, every year. Kids get to sit on his lap and tell him what they want.  With COVID, it was a bit different in 2020. Santa was there.  People stayed in their cars and waved to firefighters on the driver side of the car as they drove through the township complex.  They entered off Bristol Oxford Valley Road and exited onto Bath Road.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Firefighters wave and hand out candy canes.

As the cars drove through  the complex,  they got to wave at Drago, the police dog before they got to see Santa. The climax was when Santa, surrounded by firetrucks and firefighters took letters with children’s wishes. According to Jai’er Brown, the program director,  for the township, “This is fantastic,” he said, as he looked out at the line of cars ready to turn in off of Oxford Valley Road.  The event ran for two hours and  several hundred people took advantage of it.  Some drove by twice, as kids in the car switched positions.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Drago the Police K-9 with his handler Kieth Bertram


The Bristol Township Twirlers were on the passengers side, showing fancy baton moves. At least two were twirling batons with fire on both ends.  Santa spent his time posing for photos and asking if children were well behaved. He really does not need to do that, he was just checking.  Firefighters fave out candy and the township had a really nice event, and made the best from the pandemic that tossed a monkey wrench in our lives.