Joseph Bologna Philly Chief Inspector Gets Charges Dismissed

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Over the past summer,  Black Lives Matter supporters staged riots across the city.  These were not protests, but riots. An estimated 2000 people thought it would be a good idea to walk onto 676. This, days after police cars were burned and buildings set on fire.  On the Ben Franklin Parkway, things got tense when a crowd of people tried to breach the highway.  They had to be restrained by force. One of those officers using force was Chief Inspector Joseph Bologna. He struck a protester with a baton.  It was caught on cell phone video.


Citing community outrage, from people , many of whom do not live here, Bologna was arrested, and fired from his job with the Philadelphia Police Department. Today, January 15, 2021, Municipal Judge Henry Lewandowski  heard the case and tossed it out,  due to lack of evidence. All charges have been dropped. This paves the way for Bologna to get his Job back, with his old rank and pay. He is also able to retire on his terms.  He told the media that he has not decided if he will return to the department.

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