Ticket Forger Gets Federal Prison Sentence

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Nobody likes to be a victim of theft.  Imagine buying tickets to an event with some friends or colleagues.  Maybe it’s a baseball game .  Maybe it’s a concert.  You make your arrangements, transfer the money to the seller via a cash app like Pay Pal or Venmo.  When you get to the venue, the security will not let you inside. Your ticket is not valid. you go to the box office and they confirm, that your ticket is fake.  If it’s a simply event like a regular Phillies game you may be able to buy tickets at the box office. Imagine it’s a Super Bowl with thousands of dollars spent not only on tickets but on hotels and transportation.  You would be livid. That is what Jermaine Jones did until his arrest. He sold bogus tickets to events. Now he is going to prison. .


The FBI caught up with Jermaine Jones who sold counterfeit tickets to sporting events. He just got sentenced to 30 months, which is just over two years in federal custody , followed by three years probation. He must also forfeit $1200.00  He was plead  guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods. This includes selling fake tickets to Super Bowl LI in Houston in 2017.