Krasner Wins Re Election For Philadelphia District Attorney

Alex Lloyd Gross File Photo Delaware Valley Larry Krasner

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Low turnout is blamed for Larry Krasner being able to beat Carlos Vega in the District Attorney’s race in Philadelphia, according to Vega supporters.  Krasner supporters will take a win anyway they can get it.

Alex Lloyd Gross File Photo Delaware Valley Carlos Vega

Krasner, a progressive, political justice reform politician viewed the victory as a statement from Philadelphians that his policies are working.   From the start of counting mail in ballots, Krasner was ahead.  by 11:00 PM it was clear that Krasner was going to pull far ahead in his lead.  Vega had his strongest showing in the northeast, South Philly and Roxborough.  He issued a statement that read “My campaign was first and foremost about lifting up the voice of victims who have been forgotten by the current Administration. I hope they were heard.”

Krasner carried everywhere else. His influx of big , out of state money was not unnoticed.  The first election after a presidential election is a primary and this election has  historically been low for voter turnout. Compounding this is the ability to mail in a ballot and poll workers are finding fewer and fewer people coming to the polls.  Krasner now will face republican candidate Charles Peruto in November. Krasner is the heavy favorite to win that election.


By 2:00 AM Krasner had 65 percent of the vote. His celebration was in a center city hotel. Vega had a private celebration inside a catering hall in Northeast Philadelphia. Vega had the endorsement of the FOP, which sunk a lot of money into his campaign.