Man Arrested For Assault On Police In Hospital

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A Bristol Borough male is in trouble  after he  got a bit too drunk and tried to take his aggression out on police as well as others. Police got a call about a fight on Roosevelt Street in Bristol Borough involving Arthur Knauss, 45,. When they got there they observed him fighting with several other males.  He was placed under arrest and transported to the Lower Bucks Hospital. He was in custody and he was calming down from earlier.

Once in the hospital, Knauss became abusive to hospital staff and when an officer tried to calm him back down, he threw a punch at the officer.  Multiple officers were dispatched to the hospital and the situation was under control in a few minutes.

Knauss was restrained again while he got his injuries tended to, Police Chief Steve Henry said. He was charged with assault on police, resisting arrested and related charges.

Alex Lloyd Gross
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2 thoughts on “Man Arrested For Assault On Police In Hospital

  1. I wish the media would get their facts straight before they printed about people’s lives. The cops were not called, an ambulance was. The cops obviously show up when 911 is called for a medical emergency.
    Arthur wasn’t fighting several men in the street. He was very drunk at his home after a drinking game. He clearly had too much and didn’t know where he was or who was around him. He went to the hospital for a bleeding wound, still drunk, and tried to get away from everyone.
    Get your facts. Yes he was wrong for drinking so much, yes he was drunk. But he’s not a violent person. He’s a hard working man who made a mistake. Stop trying to over exaggerate your articles for a news story. This isn’t news.

    1. We did get the facts right. Straight from the police. If you have a problem with the fact, contact the police, have them issue a correction.
      As for it not being newsworthy, you are partly correct. Up until the assault at the hospital. We hope Arthur gets his life together, sounds like you know him . Should be be adjudicated of these charges, we will be happy to do that story as well.

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