Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On Growing Up In Debt

Dear Friends,
     Thanks to technology we have instant access to the world; politics – corruption, history – offensive past, health – daily death tolls, police – excessive deadly force, transportation – pollution, the weather – global warming, lives matter – abortion, STOP! We live in a world of modern technology that purports to make our lives better, easier, more enjoyable and yet it seems we work harder for less. A family is no longer able to exist on one income, now mom and dad both need to bring in an income to keep bills paid. Suddenly, when two parents working together are having trouble providing for a family, we are experiencing raging divorce rates, extended families, children having children. Families no longer eat meals together, have family conversations, holidays are mapped out on the calendar to keep track of which parent will celebrate with the kids. Turnkey children, pre and post school care (at extra cost to mom and dad), child abuse/pornography, kidnapping, and drug addiction. Rape, home invasion, road rage, politically incorrect language, cyber bullying, and the list of fears goes on.
     America, where you can grow up to be anything you want to be, a doctor, lawyer, politician as our young people graduate and start their own families with payments on thirty – forty – fifty thousand dollar and more vehicles, mortgages on homes starting at three hundred thousand, with another hundred thousand in school loans. You can be anything you want to be, as long as you can afford it.
     We live in the greatest country in the world, a country built upon laws, freedoms, and rights protected by a Constitution assuring these things for everyone, equally and yet every day the courts are filled with lawyers arguing over these very things, politicians writing bills to amend/change the very basics of what our country has been built on. Suddenly the country is infected by Corona virus and we are told to stay home, wear a mask, social distance, businesses are told they are not essential and may not open, home school, work from home, no bar b q, no eating out, forget Thanksgiving family dinners. Modern technology brings us the statistics of who is becoming infected by this mysterious virus, how many are hospitalized, and how many have died, on a constantly updated electronic scoreboard. How do we understand what is going on? How do we make sense of all of this?
     Am I the only one who remembers putting Christmas gifts; doll houses, bicycles, backyard play gyms, together with pieces missing, not enough screws, no batteries, and instructions in a foreign language.