Double Shooting, Homicide In Holmesburg

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo The crime scene unit get set up at the scene

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Nov 11 2021

No arrests have been made in a double shooting that claimed the life of one male and critically injured another. The  violence happened November 11, 2021 on the 8600 block of Jackson street just before 9:00 AM.   Police got a call for a person shot.


When they arrived, there were in fact two people shot. One male, a 29 year old was shot in the neck and head.  He was rushed to Jefferson Torresdale Hospital in very critical condition. Another male a 29 year old was shot once in the head. He was pronounced dead at  the scene at 9:10 AM. Police spent the morning  getting the crime scene truck setup, collecting evidence and looking for any security footage by neighbors.


A weapon was recovered. Police have no more information on the shooting, including a description of the shooter.