Bensalem Police Urge Teenagers To Behave At The Neshaminy Mall

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Kids will be kids.   Some of the things that teenagers do is fun, but only to them.  A loud argument over which girl or guy is cuter, a food fight,  or horseplay. It’s a natural rite of passage, but it’s also causing problems in the Neshaminy Mall , when school is not in session.. A group of 35 year old men or 75 year old women who go to the mall do not want their quiet ,good times disturbed by loud teenagers. .  What constitutes fun to a 15 year old  is not fun to a senior citizen, or even to an adult.  Police have been getting complaints and will now detail an officer to the mall for the near future.

Those that engage in disorderly conduct can run the risk of being banned from the mall for life.  That means  the stunt that got you into trouble can come back to haunt you later in life.  You could be ejected from the mall or arrested for trespassing if you go back to the mall in the future.  Imagine how  someone would feel  walking around the mall with their fiance and they were approached by security or police, to be walked to the exit or even arrested. The reason?  A few years ago they got banned from the mall and went back. They may have forgotten about the incident that got them banned. The mall management did not.    Even if  they turned their life around and don’t hang with the same people they  did at 16.  If you don’t think the mall  management does not keep a record of people that were banned, you would be wrong.

If the problems continue, the mall could detail security to monitor the entrances to the mall , and not let  people in under 18  unless accompanied by a parent, which is a tactic used by other malls in the region in the past. In a plea to parents, Bensalem Police put out an advisory part of it said   “Parents, if you plan to allow your children to visit the mall unsupervised, we ask that you have a conversation with them before they go and stress the importance of following the rules and the potential consequences if they fail to do so.”


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1 thought on “Bensalem Police Urge Teenagers To Behave At The Neshaminy Mall

  1. You should write about the adult that was potentially stalking women in the mall that the police were recently called to— In fact I think if you even took a look at that incident you may even say that that allegedly creeper was actually targeted and assaulted by somebody who took the law into their own hands.
    And I’m pretty sure that any little non- criminal act that you commit as a minor wouldn’t not carry over to you as an adult later in life. Being obnoxious is not a crime. Being unruly isn’t a crime. I don’t think that Mall will be around later in life for these teenagers to worry about not being able to go to in their 20s or 30s. And I doubt that the mall management wants to pay legal fees to put a restraining order on a person— Even they are for a limited time and eventually do expire and that’s when crimes are actually committed.

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