Driver Arrested For Hitting Police Car While Showing Off His Car

Elliott Candelaria

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A reckless driver is charged with multiple crimes after his vehicle slammed into a parked Philadelphia Police Car early Sunday morning,  January 16, 2022.  Police said that Elliot Candelaria was doing donuts in a parking lot on the 400 block of Hunting Park Avenue about 1:30 AM.  For those that might not know, donuts is the term used for driving reckless  by going around in circles.  When Candeleria  was in he parking lot, he failed to see a parked police car.


The ground was dry and the parking lot was lit.  As he was spinning around, he car allegedly slammed into the door of the police car. There were no injuries, police said.  Candlaria was taken into custody and charged with DUI,  Fleeing or eluding police, Reckless Endangerment and related charges.  The scene was held and the police Accident Investigation Division arrived and  conducted an investigation.