Victim Who Shot Car Thief Is Arrested By Police

Steven Thompson

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A 54 year old male was arrested after he shot at three males who were trying to steal his car or a catalytic converter, on the 5800 block of  Cobbs Creek Parkway..  One of the males lost his life over the attempt to steal.   The incident happened   on January 18 2022 at 8:17 AM.  In broad daylight, three males allegedly tried to steal either the victims car or the catalytic converter.

As 54 year old Steven Thomson saw this, he confronted the three males, who were armed with a gun.  Now realizing the attempted theft had gone wrong,  the thieves were not expecting to see an armed  citizen.  Thompson shot one of the males  who tried to flee in his own vehicle. He did not get far, and crashed into a school bus a short distance away on Cobbs Creek Parkway, The suspect died a short while later.

After the investigation, police determined that Thompson did not have a license to carry a gun, so he was arrested and charged with firearms violations.  Police did not say if Thompson had an license to carry and it expired or if he never had one at all. Police discourage anyone from confronting carjackers.



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2 thoughts on “Victim Who Shot Car Thief Is Arrested By Police

  1. Mr. Alex Lloyd Gross,
    The Philadelphia Police department has been out to destroy me and my Serpico News Facebook page. After l started exposing corruption within the PPD and found good cops that became confidential informant giving me documents and evidence of dirty cops. I was also arrested and charged by the Philadelphia DA’s office. I own my own private security company and while on duty working on 3/4/2021at the hotel. A unknown black woman with another woman was in the lobby of the hotel she was told their was no rooms available at this time. She was drunk and became very Belligerent cursing and spit on the window of the front desk two time. Staff call me to inform me of the incident going on in the hotel lobby area. I came to the front and observed the woman and her girlfriend in the lobby throwing stuff and spitting on the windows and floor and doors all caught on camera. Both females asked to leave the hotel and refused both we’re put out of the hotel. Female went to the back of the hotel and tried to get inside the hotel and was stopped by Agent boyer. Both females escorted off the hotel property and came back 1 1/2 later even more intoxicated and enter the hotel once again using profanity and racist words to staff after they we’re told on rooms for them. As agent Boyer walked up to the disorderly women the same unknown black woman began spitting on the windows and doors again. She was given 5 warnings to leave and escorted outside of the building. Once outside the female then turned and hocked and spitting in Security Agents Boyers face then assaulted him by hitting him in the face. Agents then out of self defense protected him self for fear he would be assaulted again. Agent Boyer teased the female in the chest area and she hit the ground. Agent and hotel staff called 911 for assistance about the incident. Lieutenant Pittaoutis who boyer had did a story about her and her husband on his Serpico News Facebook page. Stated oh it’s Serpico what happened the Lieutenant and cops then put handcuffs on me. And one of the cops saw my cellphone was still on recording. She took my phone and turned it off. The Lieutenant then after talking with the drunk black female and refused to speak with any of the hotel staff. On camera while in handcuffs Lieutenant Pittaoutis stated l want to see what you recorded on your cellphone. The Lieutenant stated if l did not give her my cellphone passcode she was going to arrest me. Without a search and under duress l open my cellphone after the Lieutenant order the officer to unhand-cuff me. Lieutenant Pittaoutis violated my civil rights by forcing me to give up my cellphone passcode so she could see the videos on my cellphone. After the Lieutenant and 3 other cops watch the video one cop stated we can let him go now. The Lieutenant stated no let Serpico News go to jail and let the detectives figure it out LoL. The judge throughout the case after evidence recovered with a search warrant on my cellphone was still done even after the cops lied about not turning my cellphone on or watching the video. The evidence taken from my cellphone was missing from the evidence room. And was never produced even after 4!court dates. The so called woman witness never came as well. My house keys and safe keys and my work equipment should have never been taken. The cops by law can only take items that are part of the crime. Which mean the only thing the cops we’re allowed to take was my teaser. Even after the judge throughout the case the DA refused to give back my property on January 7 telling another judge handling property to be returned stated to the Judge they wanted to refile charges against me and now l can’t get my equipment or house and safe keys until some time in March. How can the DA office keep equipment that should have never been taken in the first place. If you are interested l have all the documents and my Attorney won’t mind talking to you. What makes the even more crazy l’m a DA witness in a major corrupt case against the police. This is the second time the Philadelphia Police has taken my IPhone to try a get my Confidential informants within the PPD. My cellphone evidence to this day is still missing out of police evidence.

  2. This is crazy the man that got shit is a theif an everyone knows it in the neighborhood ppl are so scared of this crew that have been steeling an robbing ppl in are neighbor hood it’s ashame that hard working citizens have can’t protect them selves or there property with this is a 1 class city it’s is a kill box if this was Delaware county Steven would not have been charged because it’s legal to open carry with no permit Philadelphia is braking the law an the construction of the ppl rights to bear arms an the family is saying out right I no he was doing wrong but he did not have to die wtf is that it’s ok to do wrong to another person but when you get the short end of the stick you are criminal to so what do the up standing citizens do in Philly get robbed an killed but if you fight back your the criminal please stand up for Steven Thompson an law abiding citizen turned criminal because he wanted to protect his property an himself from some car thieves that was armed with a gun that was fake but looked very real the man did what any law abiding citizen should be allowed to an that’s protect his or her property but the big this is what if this was a cop that did this off duty or a cops family member or the best 1 an this is so true in Philadelphia what if it was a white man that shot an killed this thief trying to steel his property with no license the white man would have been fed up an scared an he would have been a hero that’s my thoughts

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