Watch: Lottery Winner Robbed In Convenience Store In West Philly

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Police are looking to give two armed robbers some new bracelets.  A man played the lottery  and went in to the Y & A Mini Market at 651 s 52nd Street  to check his ticket and collect his winnings. It was his, he won it fair and square.

Two males, one on a telephone are near by watching him complete his transaction . As he he leaving, one of the robbers pulls a gun and tells the victim to drop his money, The victim then complies and leaves the store without incident. They follow the victim to the front door and then scoop up the money. They were last seen on the 5100 block of Catherine Street. Watch the video below.

To prove how stupid these two are, there are cameras inside the store that captured them from every angle. One of the robbers has his mask down several times and we are all able to get a clear look at his face.  The video shows them loitering inside the store for about 30 minutes prior to doing the robbery.  That could be indicative of a crime of opportunity. They saw the man cash out his winnings, they thought it would be an easy payday, so they pulled a gun and stole the money.

If you have any information about this crime or these suspects, please contact:
Southwest Detective Division:
DC 21-18-003534