Police Hold Press Conference To Help Catch FED-EX Carjacker

by Alex Lloyd Gross

February 17 2022

Captain Jack Ryan of Northeast Detectives wants to catch the male responsible for car jacking a Federal Express delivery van on Tackawana Street  earlier this month. Video of the perp was just released today. The theft happened at 11:38 AM on the 4200 block of Tackawana Street. It was there that a driver for Federal Express was hard at work  sorting packages, and getting them to the correct address.


He was accosted by a black male  who was armed with a gun. The male forced the driver to the rear of the truck and tied him up with the drivers belt. The male then started to drive on Tackawana Street and hit several parked cars that were on Womrath and Tackawana Streets in Frankford., Captain Ryan said. The Fed Ex  driver was not hurt, Ryan said.

The stolen truck was driven about four block before the male grabbed four packages and left the truck. According to Captain Ryan, the packages appear to be random packages that were in the truck and he does not think those specific packages were targeted for theft. Good high definition video was released and is below. On the video you can see the thief sit in the drivers seat, and he actually puts on a seat belt, before driving.

He then realizes that he is caught on camera and tried to break the camera. It’s too late. Check out the video below.