Philadelphia Police Asking For Help In Finding Car From Shooting/Carjacking

by Alex Lloyd Gross


April 10, 2022


Philadelphia Police want to know if anyone has any security camera footage that might have captured a shooting and a carjacking that happened today, April 10 2022. One male was shot once in the stomach as he was physically dragged from his car by several males while he was in his vehicle on the 1400 block of East Cheltenham Ave.


It was about 4:46 AM when four black males approached him and dragged him out, before one shot him with a pistol police said. The victim in in critical condition.  A 2015 SILVER MERCEDES BENZ, PA # LFD-2466   was stolen during this incident. If anyone has observed it , you are urged to contact215-686-TIPS (8477) OR 215-686-8270 (SHOOTING INVESTIGATION GROUP)  . Armed carjacking is a federal offense.  The feds just announced  eight suspected carjackers  will face federal charges for Philadelphia area  carjackings.   You can read about the indictments here.



1 thought on “Philadelphia Police Asking For Help In Finding Car From Shooting/Carjacking

  1. This was clearly attempted murder, but I believe it should be punished the same as murder. I could never understand the legal principle that makes them different. I don’t think you should impose a lesser punishment because the victim survived. The criminal should be executed just the same. And the pace of executions has to be accelerated. In California there are hundreds of criminals awaiting execution but the state has no will to carry out the sentences. In Hawaii which has no capital punishment, criminals under a life sentence without parole have actually been released after several decades of imprisonment. By the end of a typical film noir of the 1940s, we were reasonably certain what the fate of the murderer would be. Today we can’t be sure he will be charged even though the crime is right there on camera.

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