Fan EXPO Is Back In Philly

by Alex Lloyd Gross

It is good to be back and start to get the world back to normal. They key word in that sentence is start. The pop culture scene is full of conventions, where fans interact with each other  and get to meet actors of stage and screen.  It happened this weekend at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  Due to COVID, this convention, and others like it  just did not happen for almost two years.  Now, with a few changes they are back and hopefully they are back to stay.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley William Shatner speaks during his panel.

This weekend in Philly, fans could meet William Shatner, James Marsters, Carl Weathers, John Delancie,.  People that watched the Clerks movies  will be over the moon to meet Jason Mewes, Trevor Fehrman, Brian O’Halloran and Kevin Smith all in a room.   Give them a few hours and they could run a convenience store .


Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Son Of Anarchy ‘s Ron Perlman rode a limo to the show, not a motorcycle.

In Hollywood, makeup can do wonders for people. It can make them gorgeous and it can make them hideous.  Kate Flannery  from The Office is there and she looks nothing like her character.  “I am actually from this area, I grew up in Ardmore,: she said. She looks stunning.  All day long, fans stop by the booths manned by the actors. Most want an autograph or a photo with hem, to post on social media.  Other times it’s just to say hello.



Alex Lloyd Gross Delaware Valley Gates McFadden , played a bitch businesswoman in the movie Taking Care of Business John DeLancie was also in this movie. Both were at Fan Expo.

Some of the actors have plexiglass in front of their tables. Others wear a mask. Many do not.  There are panel discussions that take place in the main exhibit hall. Inside, people can ask questions.    Some questions can stump the actors. Especially if it’s a bit part they played quite a few years ago.  Most people know William Shatner from Star Trek or TJ Hooker.  Not everyone knows he records music and fewer people know he recorded a Christmas record with Hollywood rockers LA Guns.  “I love music and I love to record music . When people, other musicians find out they want to collaborate with me,” he said. While he did not remember specifically that recording, he did talk about music. You can see some of his response below.

Panels done right are when the actor is introduced and the host shuts up and allows the audience to ask questions.  At Fan Expo, fans got  to interact with  the actor.  They could come and go.  It’s not just actors. This place shows off comics, animation and cosplay.  Cosplay is huge. Basically the short version of explaining what it is could be dressing up as a character (it can be self invented or it could be an established icon such as Superman) and parading around the convention center  floor.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Ming Wa Wen had a huge line for her appearance.

Artists are there to do commissions, they will draw you, your pet cat, anything  for a fee.  Fax Expo  was formerly known as Wizard World.  They pretty much have the same people with the new company, to ensure that things run smooth. According to spokesperson Jerry Milani, fan Expo will return next year  Dates and times to be announced later.