New York Subway Shooter Is On The Loose: Has Ties To Philly

by Alex Lloyd Gross

April 12, 2022


It was during the AM rush on a train in Brooklyn New York. That is when a lone gunman dressed in a yellow/green vest with a yellow helmet  started to shoot people on a train car.  As that train car arrived at 36th Street and 4th Avenue, police said  that male put on a gas mask and lit off smoke bombs. Then he began to shoot people.

The New York investigation was hampered a bit by cameras that did not work and a radio from a police officer that was having trouble transmitting. That plus the  madness that was happening allowed the shooter to slip away.  According to NYPD, they think they know who is responsible for the shooting. Police said they will call Frank James  a “person of Interest” in this matter. They stopped short of calling him a suspect.  There is a nationwide alert for James.  Authorities said he has tied to the Philadelphia area.

He rented a U-Haul from a dealer in Philadelphia.  Inside the train station they found keys to that U-Haul. A  grid search of the area turned up that rented truck a few miles away, parked unattended.

Police have issued a $50,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.  Ten people were shot, dozens more were hurt.