First Degree Murder Charges File In Upper Makefield Shooting

by Alex Lloyd Gross


May 11, 2022

The Bucks County District Attorney’s office has filed first degree murder charges against Trinh T. Nguyen, 38. She is accused of shooting her sons, nine year-old Nelson Tini and 13-year-old Jeffrey Tini, had been on life support since the shooting last week, and were pronounced deceased Friday at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

“I have been praying for these boys and their surviving family for days,” District Attorney Matt Weintraub said. “I am so sad to hear of their passing. This defendant’s murder of two of her sons is unconscionable and horrific. We will do what needs to be done to seek justice for all of them.”

Police said that Nguyen had written a will by hand with instructions on what to do with the remains of her two sons and herself. She has been in custody since her arrest. Authorities said that the shooting were planned.

Gianni Melchiondo, the 22-year-old nephew of her ex-husband and her neighbor, told police that Nguyen handed him a box of photos and asked him to give the box to her ex-husband. When Melchiondo turned around to face Nguyen, he saw her pointing a black revolver to his face. Nguyen pulled the trigger two times, but the gun did not fire, he told police. He then engaged Nguyen, wrapped her in a bear hug and eventually disarmed her. After disarming her, Melchiondo cleared the firearm, observing that there were multiple rounds inside.
Police found out that she had two sons and went to their house, where police and a family member found both of hers sons shot in the head. They were rushed to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia . police learned she was in a minivan and a regional lookout was issued for it. That minivan was found at a church parking lot . She was taken to a hospital and police searched her van.
Inside they found several empty packages of suspected  heroin and .38 caliber ammunition. She also taped a note to her dashboard. Call 911 My children are dead in their bed. The investigation revealed that she was months behind in her rent and scheduled to be evicted from her home.