Chinese Lanterns Return To Philly In 2022

by Alex Lloyd Gross

June 21, 2022

Tonight is the opening of the Chinese Lantern Festival  which will run  for about a month at Franklin Square  which is at 6th and Race Streets.  It seems a bit smaller this year but it is still worth while. During the media preview last night,   there were exhibits that returned from previous visits. Then there were new things. A drum for example, that had lights triggered to it to flash each time someone banged the drum.  The large dragon , of course returns for another year.

Throughout the evening, people would stop and take photos of the exhibits and selfies. This is a photographers paradise. It’s best to go just before dark and watch the sun set and the displays come to life.  Archways that serve as a passage to a different area,  like illuminated fireworks exploding in trees or an angel .


Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley A sea turtle that moves. It’s near the fountains at the Chinese Lantern festival

While you are there you can do around of mini golf or ride the carousel.  This is a place for kids of all ages. Adults like to play  mini golf and like to ride the carousel.  These attractions are extra and not included in the price of admission.  The park closes at about 10:00 PM.

There are tons of places to eat and you can get everything from Asian food to a Philly Steak Sandwich. With the price of gas skyrocketing, people are looking to save money and this event is able to help you do that. When you visit the souvenir stand,  the most expensive item is a cool paperweight It is heavy and will set you back $40.00 . T shirts are $30.00 and a Chinese Lantern that can bet put over a battery operated flicker light is about $3.00.

A view from the carousel of some of the festivities.

New this year also is a security screening that people have to go through to enter.  The cost is $20.00 per person. Seniors and children, military are $18.00.  You can buy tickets  here



The show runs until August 7, 2022 . It is highly advised you purchase tickets in advance. In the daytime, it is free to walk through. By 5:00 PM the park is cleared of visitors. There is no reentry.