Male Takes Gun From Robber and Shoots Robbers Partner In Tacony

by Alex Lloyd Gross

July 13, 2022

One male is shot, another was injured from flying punches, after they tied to rob a male standing on the corner of Cheltenham and Erdrick July 11, 2022. This happened in broad daylight, just before 2;00 PM.   It was captured on security video that you can see below.  As the victim was minding his business, a male walked up to him to rob him. A fight happened and the robber pulled a gun, which was wrestled away.

As this was going on, the robbers partner sees this and runs over to help his partner. As the victim and robber are rolling around on the ground, the second robber tries to get an angle to shoot the intended victim. He finds this angle, only the intended robbery victim now has possession  of the gun and fires off several gunshots  after getting shot by the second robber.


It appears that the second robber was struck by gun fire, as well. Both jump into the parked vehicle , which might be an infinity and drive off, south on Erdrick st. Police are checking hospitals and would like to know who the robbers are to face charges.  The intended robbery victim sustained two gunshot wounds in his buttocks and ankle.



If you have any information about this crime or these suspects, please contact:
Shooting Investigations Group:
DC 22-15-050237