Delco Male Gets Over A Year In Jail For Cyberstalking Woman

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Aug 4 2022

Karanjot Singh, 25, of Upper Darby, PA, will be spending the next year and a half in federal prison, after he was sentenced for cyber stalking a woman during the height of the pandemic.  He went beyond sending text messages threatening to rape and murder both her and her family.  He also sent the woman a photo of the school her children attended.  The behavior started in March of 2020 and continued for nine months.

Obviously, this is against the law and Singh knew this, which is why, according to federal authorities, he  used applications to block his telephone number or change it entirely.   The matter went to the FBI who was able to track down his information and location.


“Singh was strategic in his cyber torment of his victim,” said Jacqueline Maguire, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Philadelphia Division. “His actions were intended to inflict emotional harm and the fear of physical violence and that’s exactly what they did. Cyber stalking is a serious crime, and you can be sure the FBI will work to unmask and hold accountable anyone who uses today’s technology in such a vile way.”