Homeless Carjacker Busted For Two Bristol Crimes With Syringe

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Aug 24, 2022

Kevin O’Connell, no fixed address  has a new home in the Doylestown area. It’s called the Bucks County Prison and many feel he should be there for a long time for what he did.

It was Aug 19, when he approached an elderly woman getting into her car in Bristol Borough, at the Commerce Park shopping area. He asked her for a dollar to buy a soda  and she refused.That’s when he got into her car and told him he had  AIDS and pulled a syringe on her. He threatened to stick her with the needle if she did not comply.

She then started to beep her horn, while O’Connell tossed her keys on the ground and got out of the car. When the woman went to get her keys, O’Connell allegedly grabbed them back, got into the car and sped off,  knocking the woman to the ground. She was found by police bleeding inside a store. An ambulance was called and she was taken to a hospital for her injuries.

The victims vehicle was stopped the next day in Philadelphia, with O’Connell at the wheel. in the  Kensington, Port Richmond area.  He was arrested when the victim identified him . O’Connell was investigated for an earlier car jacking in Bristol Township with  the same MO.


On March 16, a woman just parked her 2019 Chevy Trax on the 7700 block of Bristol pike when she was accosted by a male  who told her he was a heroin addict and told her  get out of the car. She did but took her key fob with her. The car started because the fob was in close proximity to her and the vehicle took off, towards Philadelphia, where it was recovered.

Police took multiple DNA swabs of the car and they said it was a match for Kevin O’Connell. He is charged with robbery of a motor vehicle,  assault, threats and related charges.