Bensalem Burglary Suspect Wanted By Police

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Sept 9, 2022

Police in Bensalem are hoping to lock up the male in the above photo.  They say he is a thief and thieves belong behind bars.  It was 2:00 AM September 8,2022 when he walked up to the south side of the American Auto Dealership , located on Bristol Pike.   The male had a brick in his hand and allegedly toss it through a window, shattering it.



With a window busted out, it was easy for him to get inside.  He stole a wallet and several sets of car keys. He then used one of the keys to steal a red Nissan Rouge.  The suspect is a black male . He wore a blue hoodie and black athletic sweatpants.  From the security camera footage, he put his hood up but did not cover his face.

You can get a good look at it and if you know him, call (215) 633-3719.. He was not wearing gloves, either and detectives should be able to get fingerprints, as he touched multiple things in the business.

Alex Lloyd Gross
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