Two Males Arrested For Kidnapping After Police Chase Into Montgomery County

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Oct 11, 2022


Jeremiah Thomas

It was a crime of opportunity. Two males, Jeremiah Thomas and Milan Dean-Brewer were minding their business at a gas station of the 8900 block of Ridge Avenue when they observed a male get out of his car and go into the filling station to make a purchase. He left the car running and the two jumped into it  and drove off. The car was unlocked as well.  They did not know that a little girl was in the backseat, as they sped away from the store.



The two made a stop and the girl got out of the car and was able to get home safely. The two males continued driving into Montgomery County, where they crashed the stolen car into a Whitemarsh Police Vehicle. The two were quickly arrested and face Kidnapping,  Carjacking charges. District Attorney Larry Krasner said that his office requested $999.999 bail for each defendant .






bail was actually set lower by the court in the amounts of $250.000 for Thomas and $400,000 for Dean-Brewer. They were both issued an order to stay away from the victim  should they get bail.

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2 thoughts on “Two Males Arrested For Kidnapping After Police Chase Into Montgomery County

  1. What idiots big shout out to the Police yours is a tough job we the people appreciate you for putting up with all you have to deal husband & I weren’t angels when we were young we both got arrested a couple of times & each time we were guilty..we owned up to it and now that we’re seniors married 45 years it makes us sick all the carrying on about he was a good boy or girl didn’t do nothing..right police don’t bother you when your not doing anything wrong..admit your wrong pay your dues & start to wise & raise the kids you bring into the world to be respectful & will get better for you..

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