Region Erupts In Celebrations As Phillies Erupt At The Ballpark

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Oct 23, 2022

The Philadelphia Phillies are going to the World Series.  Just after 6:00 PM  today, they  took the San Diego Padres  and sent them packing back to California.  It looks like the Phillies will play the Houston Astros in the World Series.  This is the first pennant win for the Phillies since 2009.  Within minutes of the final out, fans took to the streets in the region. Some were small crowds gathered along Girard Avenue. Others were larger like the five points intersection in Levittown or the infamous Cottman and Frankford in Philadelphia.

Within the first 30 minutes of the crowd gathering, at Cottman and Frankford,  there were a few arrests, for lighting fireworks in the middle of the crowd or  other disorderly behavior.  About 2000 fans converged at the intersection by 6:30PM.   Some waved flags, while others took their shirt off. Police restricted parking along the area but it was not enforced, as there were five vehicles parking in the thick of the action.




Police were checking the perimeters to enter the area,  insuring that no one was bringing glass bottles or cans that could be thrown. Around Citizens Bank Park, the crowd took over the streets. Not just Broad Street but multiple streets in the area. They spilled out onto Oregon Avenue. Police closed  South Broad Street to traffic at Porter Street.









For the most part the crowds in the region were well behaved. They were loud and vocal but well behaved. police reported about a dozen arrests along Broad Street. By 10:00PM police disbursed all of the crowds and the street sweepers arrived and made it look like there was never a celebration.