Vice President Kamala Harris Visits Area Womens College To Talk

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Oct 29,2022

Vice President Kamala Harris visited  Bryn Mawr College  to talk about abortion yesterday afternoon.  She was joined by actress Sophia Bush and Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon . Thetopic of the conversation was about abortion.  The three women on stage spoke about a womans right to choose.

As the VP entered the room she showed off a Phillies World Series 2022 hat but did not wear it. She was all smiles as she sat down for her chat. Make nomistake, everyone in the auditorium was in favor of abortion.  ” What I’ve been doing is traveling the country in so-called blue states and so-called red states to convene state legislators and talk about what we will do to support them.


Because, you see, now with the Dobbs decision, it really has been moved to the states in so many ways. It’s explicit.



And, in fact, to your point about the irony of it all and the hypocrisy — so, the proponents of Dobbs talk about, “Well, you know, this is something that should just go to the states to decide.”  Harris said.  She was not happy about the supreme court making abortion an issue for each state to decide on.




In a little less than two weeks, voters in Pennsylvania  will elect a governor. Either Doug Mastriano who wants to ban it outright. by contrast, Josh Shapiro, his opponent wants to keep it legal. That is why she convened her chat at the college. To keep support going.



“But here’s what I say on this: Let’s take back the flag. Because this is about freedom and liberty. Let’s take back the flag on this. (Applause.)

We are talking about founding principles — one could say first principles: freedom and liberty. And so, on this point, then, it will take all good people who recognize the importance of these founding principles to stand and fight for them.


Alex LLoyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon and Sophia Bush at the event.

But because of the decision and until we are able to pass legislation through the United States Congress — and let’s talk about that — until that happens, it’s going to be incumbent on the state leaders to hold ground,” Harris said.



The three women chatted on stage for about an hour. They took no questions but one audience member interrupted and asked a question, which was inaudible.



As she left, a very small handful of protesters were standing across the street.