Bristol Male Arrested For Attempted Murder Of A Federal Officer

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Jan 18, 2023

A man was shot twice by a security guard assigned to protect the federal building in Philadelphia.. This incident happened yesterday and resulted in  the closure of Market Street  in front of the federal complex for several hours.  The FBI released, through the US Attorney’s office the following facts of what happened.

At about 9:30 AM a Dodge Caravan pulled onto the curb lane of the unit block of N 7th Street.  The contracted security guard approached the van immediately to get the driver to move it.  That is when the driver, identified as Anthony Lombardo  of Bristol Pa. got out of the drivers seat and walked to the front of the vehicle and approached the guard with a large knife in his hand.  The guard shot him once. Lombardo plunged the knife into a planter that was on the street.



Lombardo then tried to reach for an object in his sleeve and pull it out. It was a second knife. He was shot once more and collapsed on the ground. That knife was secured by federal security guards and police.  A square object was observed on Lombardo’s chest area and  at first,  it was thought to be a bomb. It was not. Instead it was a home made bullet proof vest made of hard plastic.




As he was being arrested he was screaming “Let me bleed out, as people were trying to save him. He was charged with Attempted murder of a Federal Agent.