Celebrations Erupt in The Streets As Eagles Advance To Super Bowl

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Jan 29, 2023

Guess what?  The Eagles are going to the Super Bowl next month !.  It was just before 6:15PM when the Eagles smoked the San Fransisco 49ers at the Linc.  Within minutes, people took to the streets in the region. Bucks County saw the Five Points Intersection in Levittown bustling with celebrants.



The largest was reserved for center city, with 10,000 plus crowding around city hall, clogging streets. Several arrests were made , mostly for disorderly conduct or fighting.  The District Attorney even had someone standing by locally to process those arrested. The crowd was packed shoulder to shoulder as fans lit fireworks, drank beer or other beverages and made noise.




About 15 miles away, at the notorious intersection of Cottman and Frankford Avenues was packed with several thousand people.  There were drunks and there were also little kids dancing. Some people brought boom boxes while others made their own noise.

Within minutes after the win, bootleggers were out selling Eagles Championship t shirts down by the stadium complex and at Frankford and Cottman. They were doing a brisk business selling their wares for about $10.00 each. This is a far cry from the price of official merchandise.




By 9:30PM  most of the celebrants had called it a night and police were clearing the area of late people.  It is a Sunday night, with a work and school day tomorrow.   It takes the city sanitation crews hours to clear up broken glass and beer cans as well as other debris that was discarded. The city set up sanitation trucks about a block from the intersection in each direction. Officers manned the corners and were tasked to insure no open containers of alcohol made it to the intersection.



High points such as on rooftops and the second floor of a building at Cottman and Frankford provided excellent vantage points to direct officers as to where fights were breaking out or other trouble was brewing.


Tickets for the Super Bowl are available now, if you can afford it.  You can call the Eagles Box Office or more information.