2023 Philly Flower Show Is Back At Convention Center

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Mar 4, 2023

For the first time since 2019, the Pennsylvania Convention Center is hosting the Philadelphia Flower Show. The theme this year is the Electric Garden.  A small portion of the convention center is not like the rest of the exhibit floor.  The lights are dimmed low and some of  the area is illuminated by multicolored lighting   that  accentuates many different exhibits.




This helps bring out the ambiance, a tranquil pond  in blue light,  or maybe Disco lights for a Disco themed garden.  They all have places to walk through, so see what is going on. up close.  People brought our their cameras and phones, to take photos and video.



Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley News.com A display , close up at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Then, under the industrial lighting, is the rest of the hall. These are where you can see plants up close and are able to stop and  smell the flowers, literally. Everything from Bonsai Trees, to Cactus displays. You can learn how people get things done in the garden, and talk with experts.


The last part of the show are the vendors. Some are selling things event related, while others, like Wills Eye Hospital want to educate you about eye care. Some of these items for sale can really add to a  garden or to a house. Such as hanging chairs, spinning wind chimes  and  gardening tools.

The Flower show runs from March 4, 2023 until March 12. It opens at 10:00 AM each day.