Levittown St. Patrick’s Day Parade Marches Onward

Photo courtesy Alan Dumoff



by Alex Lloyd Gross

March 11, 2023

The St. Patrick’s day Parade  happened in Levittown this morning.The first parade since 2019.  COVID canceled two parades and bad weather called the other. Parade organizers vowed this one would go on rain or shine.

At 10:30 AM  it kicked off from Conwell Eagan, on Wister Road.The crowd that showed up loved it. They started to gather at 9:30 AM. They staked out their spots . Soon, the parade, with politicians, dance troupes and union trucks  would be in front of their yes. They would throw candy and people were prepared.  Children brought buckets to gather their treats  and cart them back to the house.



It was a quick parade, lasting under an hour.  In previous parades,  it started in Falls Township and ended in Bristol. This year, it reversed and went the other way. Lots of people like the new direction.

Alan M. Dumoff. Photo Marchers give out candy to children




The weather was a bit chilly but the rain held off.  Many parade goers were seen using hand warmers or gloves.




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