Fake Money Being Passed In Bucks County

by Alex Lloyd Gross

March 12, 2023

When someone is trying to pass fake money, they will go into a store and buy something inexpensive. Whey pay in a large denomination bill and get real cash in return.  Sometimes, if the cashier is young, a bad bill can be passed with little to no scrutiny. It the counterfeiter is good, even an experienced adult cashier can examine the bill and it passes muster.

Newtown Township  Police said that is exactly what happened on March 6, 2023 when a male and female walked into the MOD Pizza  shop in the Villages Shopping Center and allegedly passed the counterfeit cash. The clerk was suspicious but the money passed his standard tests used by a lot of merchants so they accepted the bill.



By the time the duo left,the cashier knew he had been duped. He then went to other stores in the shopping center and found they also paid for merchandise with fake money . They left before police could arrive.

Police provided us with a link that merchants can use to help determine if cash is real or not.  You can get more information here