Steel Panther Brings Show To Glenside

by Alex Lloyd Gross

March 18, 2023

If you ever wondered what a true 1980’s metal show looked like from the Hair Band era, look no farther than Steel Panther.  They are a band that does not take themselves seriously at all.  About a quarter of the show is filled with screwing around in between songs.  The show should be rated NC17, as some of the banter would make a porn publisher blush.

That said, parents brought their children to the show and they had a blast.   At one point,  band members pointed out the children, said they were raised correctly,  then proceeded to warn the crowd not to drink and drive, without snorting some cocaine first.  Then with the children in the crowd,  they said to ask your parents first.  If you get offended easily, stay away. If you know what a joke is and can take jokes without being offended, then this show would be for you.




Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Steel Panther live

If you could get a ticket. The show last night at the Keswick Theater was sold out.  Actually, Steel Panther is a good band.  Some people do not take them seriously due to all of the banter but it is what makes them unique.  They  played songs like “1987”, “” Death To All But Metal” and :”Girl From Oklahoma”. During this song, they brought up a very pretty girl from the audience and sang  Steel Panther versions  love songs to her. The girls name was Lauren. Each member made up a short song about how much they wanted to sleep with her. Offensive? Not to Lauren, who sang along to “Girl From Oklahoma” and burst out laughing at their lyrics for her song.

Band members Michael Starr  and Satchel Parrish  would spend time slapping hands with the fans down front, making sure they all got guitar picks. A Steel Panther show is not a rock show and it’s not a comedy show. It’s a bit of both.  They even brought members of the road crew into the act, tossing a hat to them then berating them ( and each other) if someone dropped it.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Satchel from Steel Panther




They played for about 90 minutes, of which 65 was music and the rest was playing around.  Are children welcome at a Steel Panther show? Yes they are.  Is it appropriate for them?  That answer depends on the parent and the children.

Opening the show was a Pennsylvania band, Crobot  and Tragedy. This is a band that takes disco and dance songs from the 1970’s and 80’s and rearranges them to be metal songs.  It was so different, it was fun. Most of their short show went over will, with songs like “Staying Alive”  and “Sweet Caroline”.   They had blow up dolls on the stage, that did nothing to enhance their show.  Each member had their own persona, with one guy prancing around in disco shorts. He should lose the shorts and wear something else that translates better live.


Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Tragedy opened the show..



Both Tragedy and Crobot spent time at their merch tables, signing items and meeting fans.