15 Year Old Male Shot Dead On Way To School

by Alex Lloyd Gross

March 28, 2023


A 15 year old male on his way to school was shot and killed by three black males. This happened at 16th and Hunting Park Avenue at 7:38 AM.  The boy was rushed to Temple Hospital  by police were he was pronounced dead at 8:14AM.



No one has been arrested.  Police are looking for security camera footage. No motive was given or even if the student was the intended target.  The  males ran away on North 16th Street.  This story will be updated with more information.


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3 thoughts on “15 Year Old Male Shot Dead On Way To School

  1. Family members recognize these four thugs. Do the right thing and turn them in. These murders are not going to stop unless you have the courage to make your young family members accept responsibility for their actions.

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