Police Confirm West Philly Homicide Was Over An Argument Possibly About A Parking Spot


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by Alex Lloyd Gross

April 9, 2023

Philadelphia Police confirmed that the shooting yesterday was the end result of an argument,  possibly over a parking spot.  It happened at 1:09 PM on the 1900 block of North 54th Street.  There they found the victim, Nevaughn Beasley, 50/M, from the 1400 block of North 54th Street shot once.




Police said that he pulled up and parked his vehicle on the street. At that time, his neighbor, Rasheed Morrison, 29/M from the 1400 block of North 54th Street.  starts an argument with him at his vehicle.  Beasley eventually got out of his vehicle and Morrison, who was parked in front of his SUV then allegedly reversed back and struck the front of Beasley’s vehicle.


The two started to fight and Beasley fell to the ground, police said.  That is when Morrison fired one shot into his chest and backed away, according to police.  Officers arrived within minutes and took Morrison into custody.Beasley was rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.  Morrison is facing murder and weapons charges, police said.


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2 thoughts on “Police Confirm West Philly Homicide Was Over An Argument Possibly About A Parking Spot

  1. What in the world is going on over there in Philly. People are just shooting people without and thought about their repercussion . It actually seems like the Wild West but in the city. Why isn’t that people don’t think about their actions before they do something stupid. I mean shooting someone over a parking spot is uncalled for and any other crazy shooting that goes on in that city and other cities . They need to start loving each other instead of killing each other. There needs to be a stop to this madness.

  2. That is so an individual to end someone life over a parking space they not only do it in the neighbor where they reside there’s also situations at the shopping Malls too.

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