Unsupervised Children Cause Havoc In Philly

by Alex Lloyd Gross

April 11, 2023

It’s only April and there has been at least two incidents of unruly behavior by children, running rampant in the streets.  40-30 or even 15 years ago this kind of problem as unheard of.  As recently as last week, about 500 kids attending a carnival, at 7th and Packer  started to cause problems. One teenager was arrested. This carnival has been there for years. There may have been some minor issues but nothing as terrifying as this.

Going forward, extra security was hired to forbid entry to all kids who arrive without supervision.  That means when two 17 year olds want to go on a date, they better not go to the carnival, which is a great destination for people and a great date night.  Who wants parents shadowing them on a night out? Worse yet,  who wants to spend money on tickets at the carnival, only to be kicked out? Especially when you are not bothering anyone.



The definition of children is anyone under 18. The test will be later this year when several concerts take place in South Philadelphia. Some, like Taylor Swift are geared towards people under 18.  A good number of them will arrive via SEPTA.

Philadelphia Police used to have a “Flash Mob” detail staged at city hall during the summer. It was there that a contingent of officers would stage and be ready to respond en masse should trouble  start.  That strategy worked.

Social media is also a problem, as kids will use it for communications. Police will have to infiltrate the apps and communications to stay one step ahead of trouble.  At the start of this month,  a 14 yer old teenager was arrested for having  a replica gun on Market Street.  Their friend tried to fight police in an effort to free them.  One officer got hurt in the melee, as several of the 500 delinquents running down Market Street filmed the injured officer for no reason, other than to put it on social media.






A strict curfew is being considered. Activities sponsored by police or city agencies to give kids something to do is another idea.


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4 thoughts on “Unsupervised Children Cause Havoc In Philly

    1. It’s the parents. We never were out after dark unless we were at work. The suburbs doesn’t have teens running amok because their parents require kids to say where they are & they check up on them. Sad to say in Philly the large majority are African American. Where are the parents no stability in family life.My grandparents were poor but they kept their home & yard clean. Their kids stayed home at night,they had fathers in the home. We would not have the gun or violence problem today if more families went to church & learned some values morality & respect.

  1. If we detained these kids and have their parent come and get them it might calm down things. Why don’t the kid’s dance in the street instead of running and scaring everyone

    1. Joann
      They don’t game in the street because it’s uncool.

      It only takes one bad apple to spoil the rest. Kids today are worthless for real. I would call DHS on myself if my children behaved like animals. Parents aren’t watching or even teaching their kids morals these days. Just let them roam with no guidance but then tell that shaylanta and shitthead didn’do nuffin when caught up on the mix. Get your lives together people show kids a better way

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