Male Stabbed Inside Philadelphia Prison





by Alex Lloyd Gross

April 23, 2023

Philadelphia Police reported that a 37 year old male was stabbed four times inside Curran Fromhold Correctional Facility. This happened yesterday afternoon.






Police said he was stabbed in the back. He is in stable condition at Jefferson Torresdale Hospital. He was brought there by a Philadelphia Medic Unit.  There was no crime scene, no witnesses and no arrest. Prison officials are reviewing video surveillance of the area.

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5 thoughts on “Male Stabbed Inside Philadelphia Prison

  1. I believe that the prisoner’s would all stop doing these negative things to each other if they truly believed that their children at home deserve better…God Bless them all they are all worth it for we are wrong for not teaching them the true way of life to learn to eat from the same plate and the we are all are brother’s keeper and to love thy neighbor as yourself…

  2. The System they call justice is BROKEN…. Care, Custody & Control is what is suppose to be going on. BUT it truly shows it’s NOT. There is no control in this prison.This is the 2nd stabbing in in 30 days. The prison is under staff therefore keeping anybody love ones safe is out of there control completely. Being at this prison is your sentence. Once they walk you in there ur giving the death penalty. I personally feel like nobody cares your guilty until you prove yourself innocent. No investigation nothing.

  3. More searches , rigorous and complete searches . In prisons inmates often act out and retaliate against corrections officers who conduct thorough searches . All to often , the prison administrators blame the officers for the conflict .
    This creates an atmosphere of inmate intimidation.
    The prison staff , at least , the upper tier’s default position is to ally themselves with the inmates.

  4. CFCF is the bottom of the barrel type of facility. No doubt there are some dangerous inmates in there. How do they make these knives? No crime scene, no witness, no arrest. When this inmate was stabbed in the back four times where were the guards? I can tell you. Sitting at the desk doing nothing.

    1. They are actually suuper understaffed because a lot of them dont show up to work which then makes it even more dangerous for the ones that do show up and the inmates themselves. It’s ridiculous.

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