Sports Betting In Pennsylvania

Sports fans throughout the Delaware Valley and the greater Philadelphia area are pretty used to legal sports betting by now. Pennsylvania was one of the first regions to take advantage of the 2018 PASPA ruling, allowing the state to call the shots. With such a history of gambling, it was always going to be the case.


While recent industry events mean that online sports betting in Oklahoma does not enjoy the same status, fans in this area don’t seem to be able to get enough. In fact, Pennsylvania is fifth on the list of money wagered. Only New York, New Jersey, Nevada and Illinois have seen more money bet.


Pennsylvanians recently took the all-time betting handle over the $21 billion mark, with over $500 million being wagered on a monthly basis. PA sportsbooks have now provided around $430 million in taxes back to the state.


The big names in gambling are all present and correct in Pennsylvania and continue to enjoy the majority of the market share. FanDuel is the big player in PA, although its numbers have remained fairly steady over the last year. DraftKings and Caesars have seen an increase in their share of the action, while BetMGM continues to drop down the list.



For anyone new to online sports betting and keen to give it a go, the legal gambling age in Pennsylvania is 21. You don’t have to be a resident of the state but you must be within state lines when placing your bet. The Eagles, 76ers, Phillies and Flyers all get a lot of attention, although Pittsburgh teams are also popular in the more western counties of the state. Betting on college sports is also perfectly legal in Pennsylvania, although prop bets on college athletes are not allowed.


Sports bettors obviously have a good deal in Pennsylvania – and it doesn’t seem like the revenue going through the PA sportsbooks is going to slow down any time soon.




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