Prison Guard Assaulted Inside Philly Prison

by Alex Lloyd Gross

July 17, 2023

A 51 year old prison guard was sent to the hospital by an inmate that beat him up yesterday, inside the Curran Fromhold Correctional Facility. This happened at about 3:00PM when the inmate was told to return to his cell. He refused and beat the prison guard , causing bleeding and other injuries, police said.


Officers from the 15th District and the 8th District arrived at the prison to help quell any disturbance.  The inmate will face felony charges in the future, after an investigation into this assault  is finished.




Police did not say what the inmate was in for or release his identity,pending charges in this matter.

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2 thoughts on “Prison Guard Assaulted Inside Philly Prison

  1. The information is misleading because I was a Correctional officer for 28 years and the Police districts don’t respond to prison problems!! The Officers respond I know that for a fact..When Cops are assaulted its on the front page.Why isn’t this story on the Front page.

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